Driving in the Roaring Fork Valley can be hard on your vehicle. For example, gravel roads and steep inclines are found everywhere worth going.  4 wheel drive or all wheel drive, good tires, recently serviced and fully gassed up are requirements if you are going to be driving on I-70 west of Denver. Vail Pass is not for the faint of heart or the faint of engine. Neither is Independence Pass or McClure pass. If you don’t have the correct tires for winter driving, you are a safety hazard to yourself and others. Check the weather and road conditions by checking out CDOT.  CDOT’s interactive map tool can be found here.

On Facebook the group to follow is Roaring Fork Road and Weather

For Hwy 133 web cams check out this website

There are also live streaming road cameras that can help you see the conditions before you go!

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