Yule Quarry Remnants
Yule Quarry Remnants
the Crystal Mill

Check out this account of the history of Marble. 

Marble is famous for its Yule Quarry, which helped it reach its peak population of 1500 in 1915. Read about it here. 

There is a Marble History facebook page to check out. 

Marble is also the only gateway to the town of Crystal which currently has about 8 restored little cottages. The Crystal Mill is one of the most photographed places in Colorado.   You get to the  “town” of Crystal by going on the Lead King Basin trail .  This trail is not for regular vehicles. Hike in or use an ATV. If your vehicle falls off the road into the Crystal River, it will be totaled, you will be fined, and the price of a company towing it out will be a lot.