Marble, Colorado

This town is not the gateway to anything. Its arrival. The mountains tower around in their majesty– a constant reminder of the  ubermensch  you’d have to be to climb them. You know when you take the Lead King Loop and you look around at the scenery it looks untouched, undisturbed, larger than you, harmonious in the way the aspens scatter around the fields of wildflowers, where the conifers thrive, the way large boulders are thrown around on the banks.

Nearer to the ground you feel how teeming with life it is. Listen and you hear all the sentient beings all enjoying the forest, the river, the origin of water melting from the mountains. The slippery rocks beneath you are a reminder that this land is a little rough for your ends, that living here would be more than an address it would mean planning out your comings and goings, carrying things, no gas, terrible roads… hard to go around and do a lot of things in a day. Very easy to stay at home and enjoy the view. Start going to town less and less. Enjoy the one restaurant from time to time.
Or just do a day trip and leave.
Or stay overnight at a vacation rental or lodge.
Marble is cool, you can feel it.

Marble’s Tourism Association    website has information.

A Brief History of Marble can be found on the  Marble Crystal Valley Chamber Association Website.

Get a feel for the town on the   Community Facebook Page.

The Lead King Basin is the area at the back of Marble which is home to the Lead King Loop which is a rocky path through this untouched wilderness.  Only take a 4-wheel vehicle or be very fit.  Along this path you’ll find the defunct mining town of Crystal Colorado which has been restored and features about six cabins.  Along this loop also you can take a trail to Scofield Pass which is the backcountry way to Crested Butte.  However, you won’t get through the Devil’s Punchbowl without incident so this path is much admired and little traveled. For a reason.

The Lead King Loop charity race is a yearly event benefitting the   Marble Charter School.

Beaver Lake is a great place to recreate in Marble with small motorless fishing boats, stand up paddleboards, kayaks and the like you can fish.

Marble features the Crystal River and some beaver ponds which can be fished or fly fished.

Waterfalls in Marble could fill a book but Yule Falls, Hays Creek Falls and Milton Falls are my favorites.

Marble Hub is like an town information center.  Here you can get a coffee or a cold drink, buy a t-shirt or a history book, get some maps, sit on a couch, or use the loo.  Its also the place to call to confirm your online registration for one of the   Meri Daes campground spots.

Bogan Flats    was the other Marble place to camp mentioned on my camping page.

If you are looking for a vacation rental in Marble let me know!

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